Mass Gainer Shakes.

Typically mass gainer shakes are comprised of whey protein and carbohydrates (often simple sugars). These can be marketed heavily and made to be an expensive supplement.

Are there cheaper options? Do you really need mass gainer shakes?

Homemade Alternative.

As gainer shakes can be extremely expensive and difficult to drink (they seem to have the biggest scoops that you need to pile into your shake) then it would make sense to make your own, both cheaper and better quality.

So what kind of things can you make your shake from?

Typically you would use one scoop of whey protein, use whole milk (the more you add the less thick it will be, this will make it easier to drink and also add more calories), oats (a great source of carbohydrates), peanut butter (extra protein and a healthy source of fats, that is high in calories). You could even add ice cream if you wanted.

The take away message is that you can make your own easier to drink, high calorie gainer shakes for a fraction of the price you will pay any given supplement company.


So my advice…

Get a blender, buy ordinal whey protein and add other ingredients! Saving money, giving you freedom over taste and substance.


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