Mobility is Vital.

Mobility is vital to the athlete and the average individual. Being mobile allows us to move and keeps the joints, tendons and muscles healthy, being mobile also makes our body much more resilient to injury.

The bottom line is being mobile is a necessity! It keeps us strong, prevents injury and allows us to complete more complex movements (olympic lifts).

Simple Trick…

This simple trick… This is not a trick as such, you will need to put in the effort, but it is something that can be easily done and you will reap the benefits if you include these things in your daily life.

Stretching While You Work.

Are you sat at a desk to do your work?

Why don’t you get off your chair, kneel and perform some stretching at your desk. For example you can lunge under your desk, allowing you to stretch your hip flexors, while still reaching your things on the desk.

Or stretch out your thoracic (middle spine) spine region by reaching above and over your head pulling yourself over your chair (like a reverse sit up over your chair). For this one your chair height may be a limitation which prevents you stretching  your thoracic.

Are you at home working? Do you have something at a lower height?

If you are at home and you have a low height shelving unit/storage, could you move your work over to that and sit back onto your heels while you work? This will stretch both your quadriceps and improve ankle mobility.

Why not stand up and work?

If you have the space and can, why not stand. From this you can place your feet at a wide stance and stretch the groin region.

These are just some of my ideas, there are plenty more online with images to guide you through them!

Get Creative.

These are just a few simple ideas (if they need further explanation or links to images then please let me know in the comments section) to get you started. However if you think outside the box the possibilities are endless. See if you can come up with your own stretches for at home or around the office.


Message of the day.

Be mobile. Be strong. Be versatile. Be awesome. Be you.


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